How We Partner


Your Vision is our Mission

At GRAM, we consider every client a long-term partner. When you start with us, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who follows your project through all steps of the process and communicates with you regularly with informative updates. As your partner, we are committed to complete transparency, and encourage you to make regular visits to our facility or log into our online video camera when your product is on the filling line.

As your project moves through the manufacturing process, GRAM provides these ancillary services:

  • Dedicated Project Manager – Assigned to each customer, ensuring that your fill/finish needs are met
  • Sensitivity to Project Requirements – Careful listening to customer needs to develop compliant solutions that meet production requirements
  • Audit Support – Custom-designed documentation to facilitate this critical function
  • Issue Resolution – Taking a lead role in assessing risk and developing acceptable outcomes
  • Production Scheduling – Continuously reviewing our systems, ensuring accelerated documentation to expedite production
  • Visibility and Review – Standards that ensure that all parties are apprised of each steps during every process